10 days in

A new year and new adventures. I have started this year off with no sodas for a week. That is a big accomplishment as I am used to three or four a day. There is a ultimate goal to be achieved with not drinking the sodas anymore! 
I am in a place on contentment with my friendships. I have two friendships that are my main best friends that we share everything and enjoy each other. I have made it my goal this year to spend more time with them and less focused on people who are not there for me like they are. I have been so worried about pleasing people that I forgot to please myself.  

Sick or not?

The past few days have caught me under the weather and I Hate it. The symptoms are consistent with two things that can be occurring but I have to wait for more symptoms to manifest! For now, I have to muddle through the gray area until the truth is revealed.


My husband has brought up a few good topics to me in this new year, the main one being respect. I know that I baby him to the fullest and can be bossy. It is hard due to the nurturing nature I have. I vow to change it, granted it will take some time as it has been like this for the majority of our relationship but I am willing to try for him. One thing I can say is that he is worth any change that is good in my life!

New Day

Good morning World! It is 12\28 at 9:11 am and a beautifully cold morning! My name is Aarika and I live in the wonderful state of Texas. I am starting this blog to be a outlet to post my thoughts , feelings, short stories and poems. Feel free to comment, ask questions, whatever!